CommuniCom, Inc (CCI) allows your under-utilized technology to have extended life in someone else's hands. We finding buyers nationally and internationally who can still find a purposeful use of your Excess, Surplus, Obsolete, Broken, Used, Damaged items. Simple, hassle-free and cost-effective asset recovery. Contact us today!


Continuing to warehouse products that have reached their End-of Life (ELO) Cycle is costly. Many of these products may include e-Waste (printed circuit boards, batteries, modems ). This e-Waste contains hazardous or toxic materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, beryllium and flame retardants. These materials require serious attention and should be kept out of the Landfills. CommuniCom, Inc (CCI) can help provide you with an environmental-safe recycling program. This can also be profitable for you.

Mission Statement:

CommuniCom, Inc. should now be your preferred provider for getting rid of your excess/surplus inventory. Let us help you downsize, consolidate, reduce inventory expense. You may also be interested in CommuniCom's unique plan of using your recycled material to help Charities.


Your Total Technology Solutions Partner- for Purchase of New and Refurbished Equipment. Maximize your infrastructure investment, or reduce operational expenses by providing the latest new and certified pre-owned equipment competitive price-point. We can return you a quote in 48 hrs.