About Communicom

Steve Maginnis, former president of Alltel's operations in the southeast (GA/SC/NC/AL/MS).

Previously, Chief Service Officer for an ID Theft and Fiber to the Home start-up companies. Currently working with small to mid-size Utilities in the southeast to help them sell-off their excess/surplus inventories.

If items are Recycled, it does not go into Landfills. My network also helps companies to Resell Surplus, Obsolete, Unusual, Broken or Damaged.

I am also CEO of Managed Services, Inc. (MSI). MSI has 5 CLEC Licenses and offers "pin less" international calling.

More about CommuniCom, Inc. (CCI):

CommuniCom is on a Mission, a single-minded focus towards a worth-while cause.

  • The moral/ethical position of the enterprise and to its clients.
  • Serving a purposeful direction to assist company's dispose of excess/surplus materials.
  • Initially serving Utilities in the Southeast.
  • Expanding Nationally and to International markets.
  • Achievable expectations of growth and profitability.
  • Profit, but profit from work that benefits humanity.
  • Corporate social responsibility.
  • Honesty & integrity

CommuniCom, Inc.'s (CCI) objective is to work with companies in the southeast to resell Surplus, Excess, Obsolete, Broken, un-repaired, or outdated materials. The Company provides a detailed inventory and a few digital pictures of the materials.