General Information

Electronic Waste is sometimes referred to as e-Waste. This term applies to consumer and business electronic equipment that is Excess, Surplus, Obsolete, Unused, or Broken.

The amount of e-waste is growing and many are still finding its way into America's landfills. The life span is changing and reducing at a rapid pace.

Certain components of e-waste are hazardous. Various states and the US government add items to the list on a regular basis.

Alarming Facts and Stats

In 2007:

  • 157 million computers products were discarded (CPUs, monitors, notebooks, keyboards, printers, faxes, and copiers)
  • 20 million TVs were thrown out
  • 126 million cell phones were discarded
  • Only 18% of older/outdated TVs and computers are being recycled
  • And only 10% of cell phones are being used.

All this e-waste pours into our landfills is now or soon will be in America's water supply.

What Can You Do?

CommuniCom, Inc. (CCI) believes that extending the complete "useful life" of a product makes more sense than just disposing or recycling. CCI will find nationally or internationally someone who is still able to use these products and only in a worse-case scenario will we recommend recycling.

We Want What You Don't Want Anymore!

  • Surplus electronic components
  • Board level electronic parts
  • Outside Plant Cables (aerial and buried)
  • Semi-conductors, switches, connectors, microcircuits, capacitors, and resistors
  • Phones, Key System parts, computers, monitors, cell phones, and more ...
  • Pedestals, amplifiers, and nodes

What Industries?

  • Telecomm equipment (wireline and wireless)
  • Cable TV equipment
  • Security industry parts
  • Electric Power utilities parts

E-Waste ... Reuse Before Recycle

CCI partners with companies that refurbish electronic components before shipping. Our partners meet all government agencies standards

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Steve Maginnis- President

Steve Maginnis, former President of several Telecomm companies in the southeast. Prior experience includes Triple Play- FTTH, Green Management systems, and Identify Theft. CCI is a member of many Telco, Cable TV, Security, and Power industries Associations.

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